Friday, July 24, 2009

Betty Donelly ----- enchanting witch rock for witches in love

Hello !

Introducing the solution to all your musical problems

That's what you get with the dino era music industry these days ... someone makes a difference!

Wait until you hit one of these buttons above! ... You'll see and hear for yourself what i mean!

"I wanna help out Betty, what do i do?"

Well, thanks, please 'like' the Betty Donelly Facebook page below!

"Where else can i find Betty Donelly on the interwebs?"

The most urgent action i would like you to take though is to 'like' my Facebook page below. At the time of this writing there's only 37 likes on that page. That is just ridiculous and we can do much better. Thank you for taking two seconds out of your schedule to 'like' this page:

That's it ... Although i've migrated this Blog into my new Wordpress powered Official Blog, i will be updating this Blogger blog quite soon enough. So stay tuned and bookmark it!


Betty Donelly